About Me


Hi! I am Yu-Hsin Chou (周玉鑫), a fourth year Bachelor student studying Computer Science in National Chiao Tung University. Since last summer, I am fortunate to have Professor Shiao-Li Tsao as my undergraduate research advisor. Previously, I was a competitive programmar and had participated in Taiwan Olympiad in Informatics (TOI) and The International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).

During my university years, besides competitive programming, I have built several Web-based projects (including frontend and backend) in companies. I have joined in a tourism startup and interned in Garena as a software engineer summer intern.

Outside computer sciences, I love traveling, photographing and business. I like to record down precious memories. Exploring the world by walking to unfamilar areas is my favorite. In addition, I view business as a way to understand the world better. Currently, I participate in Young Entrepreneur of the Future (YEF) and expect myself to keep asking questions to everything in our lives, and being able to contribute my knowledge and experiences to the world!


  • Email: yqkqknct@gmail.com